Why Branding Is An Artifact Of The Past

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A short while ago, I wrote an article on this site suggesting that you can’t build a brand simply by setting out to build a brand.

***** Branding as shorthand feels more important now as the world collapses on our heads, but there is something gone forever in time. Perhaps brands haven’t changed as much as we have. This reminds me of returning to Harry C. Withers Elementary School after years away. What was once so large on return was now so small. This shrinkage is what has happened to brands. Brands stayed the same size, but we’ve gotten infinitely larger. Smart, well thought out article with a position I never considered but that makes sense of our NOW.


Great comment from Therese Torris accurately summarizes my thinking before reading this article. After reading it I’m not as sure:

Therese Torris (Today, 5:55 AM):
I think brands are huge but they’re so many and so pervasive that we don’t perceive them any more. We swim in brands like fish in the ocean, we « google », we « send from my iPad », we wear logos on our forehead… but thanks for the food for thoughts…


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