5 Curating Secrets From @ScentTrail

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I have a few curating tricks or secrets I haven’t seen widely written or shared. This doesn’t mean much better, smarter curators like Michele, Robin or Brian don’t know and practice these ideas, but I haven’t seen posts on them so decided to share.


Marty’s 5 Secret Curation Tips

1. Curate What Is Happening NOW
After last year’s Raleigh Internet Summit streaming to the web was all the rage. I tested the idea and sure enough saw a similar pre-event – event -post-event traffic pattern (looks like a tall witches hat of a pointed bell curve). If something is moving one sure way to elongate the social media half life, the time when half the traffic the link or post will ever do comes in, is to call attention to the « Blow Up ». Curate what is happening now and amplify the trend.


This idea WILL NOT create a trend. If you say something is blowing up when it is not then you will be disappointed by results and lose credibility so don’t overuse this tactic. When something is special and being declared so by the mob share it with the rest of the class.

2. Near Real Time Beats All Other Time
There is a fire hose of data flooding at all times. Pick out news stories that fit your themes and curation and pounce fast. If I see an infographic I go to the source to see how old it is. Old infographics that are supportive of my themes are still valuable just not as valuable as one posted an hour ago with only 10 Tweets and 2 G+ shares. Those brand new, hardly been seen infographics are pure RT, Rescoop and traffic gold.

The reason we include social share data on the page is the same reason the Red Cross has a big thermometer outside their building marketing donation progress. Read BrainFluene By Dooley to learn why such a gauge is so important especially as we humans NEAR our goals.

Social share data helps speed up acceptance and it can help you know how old or exposed a link is or post is. If I walk into a Mashable post with no Tweets or other social shares I may share just becuase I know and trust the source and I’m in early. There are times EARLY trumps RELATED and walking in as the 3rd or 10th reader of a Mashable Post (or some other similar trusted souce) might be one of them. If the post was about Eskimos form Mars or something widely divergent from my core themes I might pass and not use it or I might write a tweet or a quick post on Esikmos from Mars (lol). Knowing me as you do which one do you see as more likely (#2 being the correct answer :).

3. Infographics Rock Traffic
When in doubt scoop or Retweet an infographic. If it feels like we are awash in infographics it is because we are, but we are because they work. Infographics tell a story with pictures and represent the larger « visual movement » I discussed yesterday in Visuals crushing Textuals ( http://www.scoop.it/t/digital-revolution-leaderboard/p/2283733366/pinterest-defines-visuals-movement-gains-ground-on-facebook-twitter ). Find great curators of infographics such as my friend Michele (@maxOz http://www.scoop.it/u/maxoz#pg=1&mi=topics&si=curated&panel=followedPanel ; ) and follow them, learn from them and steal from them (they won’t mind :).

4. Create A Leaderboard
The master at this is Gerrit Bes, his Latest Social Media News Scoop is a Huffington Post-like aggregation of what is trending on Scoop.it http://www.scoop.it/t/latest-social-media-news . The brilliance of Gerrit’s creation was immediately apparent when his visitor numbers were below mine but moving fast, very fast. Now Gerrit’s vistor numbers are way above mine because for every post I curate or create he has 10 AND each of his posts has built in support system – the places he found them. This is the same dynamic as social contests and games. Putting User Generated Content (UGC) on your site creates the same « support it » knee jerk reaction.


Creating a leaderboard like the one I did last week: http://www.scoop.it/t/digital-revolution-leaderboard ; can also breathe new life into your social media with a second or third round. You post to the board as trending from yesterday and those who missed it can catch up. Every visitor Retweet you generate from such a leaderboard is all gravy.

5. Say Thank You
Seems like an easy idea, but so appreciated and meaningful. I work hard sharing and curating and do so for non-monetary reasons (love of the game). I also do so because people have helped me and I want to repay that help. I love curating, Scoop.it and the special friends I’ve made here. I created a Scoop called Thank You ( http://www.scoop.it/t/thank-you )because I was so moved and well supported by the brilliant, special people who didn’t know me from a hole in the wall a year ago. When someone does something nice for you that you notice there are 10 more doing good things for you that you missed. Good rule of thumb is always say thanks, always. Second good rule of thumb is BE THANKFUL :).

Thanks everyone here ends my first 5 Marty Curation Secrets (lol).


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